Ramon Sanmiquel

Approaching the work of Ramon Sanmiquel is an eye-opening experience, associated with the pleasure of watching and his ability to transport us to other times, in which painting and drawing were the only way to generate images. His powerful and technical virtuosity is simply shocking. The mastery of techniques he handles is evident in his watercolors, lithographs and engravings, made with extreme thoroughness and surgical precision, surely because of his medical training.

But what really moves us is the sensitivity of his images, mostly starring women. Women who strip for the painter, showing not only their bodies but also their deep emotions through their eyes. Of course, we find the desire, sensuality, passion or even a certain perversion, but definitely that’s what we are, what moves us in a world that often suppresses these behaviors.
This video includes fragments and artworks in the exhibition “Bebe tu sangre Beaumanoire”, held in June 2013 in El Halcón Milenario, in Vigo.

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/144290136