Liqen And Sam3. New mural in Vigo

Since last april the work of Liqen and Sam3 can be admired in Vigo.


Mambo in Madrid

The essence of Mambo Gallery in a minute.



“Botimonstruos” is the name of the series of ceramic pieces that Federico Fernandez has made in collaboration with the ceramicist Carlos San Claudio. With a great experience in the field of illustration , winning the National Award for this category in 2001 , Federico Fernández meets the exciting world of ceramics, to represent in three […]

Escombros 1


Escombro is the name of this series by Ignacio Pérez- Jofre made throughout 2014 , in which the artist paints buildings in the city of Vigo on fragments of debris collected in the street. Painted directly in front of their models and generally in one sitting, each of the pieces is constructed paradoxically on the […]


Pelucas in action

“Pelucas” is a video made by Laura García Calleja that shows the creative process that takes place during a month, of one of the last works that Pelucas has painted on canvas. The canvas of approximately 2 x 3 m contracts and expands, a baroque space of shapes, colors and characters so typical of this […]