Velo by Elena Fernández Prada

Liqen And Sam3. New mural in Vigo

Since last april the work of Liqen and Sam3 can be admired in Vigo.

Mambo in Madrid

The essence of Mambo Gallery in a minute.


“Botimonstruos” is the name of the series of ceramic pieces that Federico Fernandez has made in collaboration with the ceramicist Carlos San Claudio. With a great experience in the field of illustration , winning the National Award for this category in 2001 , Federico Fernández meets the exciting world of ceramics, to represent in three dimensions this family of monsters related to these ancient vessels that we know as botijos . From the drawings, Carlos San Claudio has recreated with extreme fidelity and great technique the illustrator´s universe. Although they don´t bite, you have to approach these bugs carefully, as they have a very sensitive nature.


Escombro is the name of this series by Ignacio Pérez- Jofre made throughout 2014 , in which the artist paints buildings in the city of Vigo on fragments of debris collected in the street. Painted directly in front of their models and generally in one sitting, each of the pieces is constructed paradoxically on the remains of a knockdown building, establishing a curious game of relationships and meanings between the model and the support on which it is represented.

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Pelucas in action

“Pelucas” is a video made by Laura García Calleja that shows the creative process that takes place during a month, of one of the last works that Pelucas has painted on canvas. The canvas of approximately 2 x 3 m contracts and expands, a baroque space of shapes, colors and characters so typical of this artist. For those not familiar with his history, this is a fantastic opportunity to approach the complex world of a pupil of Kenny Scharf work, who has left its mark in a big number of cities in Europe and South America. A mix of documentary, experimental video and animation, this audiovisual piece has to be seen to learn about how the hallucinating mind of a genius works.

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La Caza

We interview Elena Fernández Prada during the production of her work titled “La Caza” . A series of prints made ​​with the technique of drypoint, where we can find the keys and obsessions that dominate in most of her creations. Her ability to reinterpret aspects of popular and artistic culture is amazing, combining finesse and character. Exclusive video for Mambo Gallery.

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Ramon Sanmiquel

Approaching the work of Ramon Sanmiquel is an eye-opening experience, associated with the pleasure of watching and his ability to transport us to other times, in which painting and drawing were the only way to generate images. His powerful and technical virtuosity is simply shocking. The mastery of techniques he handles is evident in his watercolors, lithographs and engravings, made with extreme thoroughness and surgical precision, surely because of his medical training.

But what really moves us is the sensitivity of his images, mostly starring women. Women who strip for the painter, showing not only their bodies but also their deep emotions through their eyes. Of course, we find the desire, sensuality, passion or even a certain perversion, but definitely that’s what we are, what moves us in a world that often suppresses these behaviors.
This video includes fragments and artworks in the exhibition “Bebe tu sangre Beaumanoire”, held in June 2013 in El Halcón Milenario, in Vigo.

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Pegada is the title of one of the series in which Ignacio Pérez- Jofre usually works . His work method involves some phases. First he strips off an advertisement billboard from a wall and then he works on the back of the poster and in the same environment, shaping a vision of the place. The concept of urban art acquires a new dimension through these jobs in which appropriationism, action art and classical painting outdoors interrelate in a surprisingly natural way. This video shows a performance taking around three hours on a large format support, in the city of Vigo.

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It is April and on a rock by the sea, we travel with Liqen to a world that at first seems ours, but through the strokes of his brush it is transformed into an ancient dance in which the continents are grouped under new and unexpected ways.

It is a pleasure to watch him drawing, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, creating a hybrid cosmogony in which the wonder of technology is mixed with a deep love for nature, embracing extremes in a symbolic orgy of shapes and colors.

Like the good mythical story, Liqen’s work is devoted to the ambiguity and contradiction, resulting in a unique universe that amazes us. Mapamundi is a game, but a game that distills the essence of this great creator.

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