Pelucas in action

“Pelucas” is a video made by Laura García Calleja that shows the creative process that takes place during a month, of one of the last works that Pelucas has painted on canvas. The canvas of approximately 2 x 3 m contracts and expands, a baroque space of shapes, colors and characters so typical of this […]

La Caza

We interview Elena Fernández Prada during the production of her work titled “La Caza” . A series of prints made ​​with the technique of drypoint, where we can find the keys and obsessions that dominate in most of her creations. Her ability to reinterpret aspects of popular and artistic culture is amazing, combining finesse and […]

Ramon Sanmiquel

Approaching the work of Ramon Sanmiquel is an eye-opening experience, associated with the pleasure of watching and his ability to transport us to other times, in which painting and drawing were the only way to generate images. His powerful and technical virtuosity is simply shocking. The mastery of techniques he handles is evident in his […]


Pegada is the title of one of the series in which Ignacio Pérez- Jofre usually works . His work method involves some phases. First he strips off an advertisement billboard from a wall and then he works on the back of the poster and in the same environment, shaping a vision of the place. The […]


It is April and on a rock by the sea, we travel with Liqen to a world that at first seems ours, but through the strokes of his brush it is transformed into an ancient dance in which the continents are grouped under new and unexpected ways. It is a pleasure to watch him drawing, […]