Liqen and Sam3

New mural in Vigo

Since last April, the work of two of the best and well known Spanish artists nowadays, Liqen and Sam3 can be admired in Vigo, in the Salgueira neighborhood. A unique and especially valuable artwork due to the fact that the two artists have designed them together.
They are good friends, colleagues separated by the distance but very united about their artistic thoughts and their ideas of the artwork in public spaces. A short break by Sam3 in Galicia gave them the chance to paint this great mural. A simple work apparently, with few colors and a restrained composition but at the same time a good example of their style that shows the best of both.
On the wall, several shapes and figures illustrate a magical history, a myth that through the vestiges of an imagined past reveal a familiar and recurrent present. The human slavery, the history of a civilization that turns into a ruin or the willpower defeated by technology, are the main ideas represented in this mural.
On the left side of the wall a fantastic being, a ceramic god molds a man of clay, a man like those who march in formation in the majestic vase on the right side. Between these two figures, vases and vessels painted with natural and hybrid beings, complete this story that seduces and invites to the reflection.

Liqen lives and works between Gondomar, Vigo and the rest of the world. His projects and murals can be seen in many countries. Ceramics is one of his obsessions and recent occupation during the last year. Recently he has been in Rabat and soon he will travel to Kassel to make and exhibition meanwhile takes place the Documenta 14.

Sam 3 currently lives in Athens where among several projects runs the art platform Corpus Delicti. His murals can be seen in Villa Real, Barcelona, Rome, Bari or Lisbon. His style is simply stunning as reveals his work on billboards made in Murcia.