Elena Fernández Prada

Elena Fernández Prada has a degree and PhD in fine arts from the University of Vigo, where she also was a Professor. Her work in painting and drawing always starts with a representation of an object, but she is not interested in what things are, but in the form they are described; not in how it happens, but in the way with which it is narrated. Her work often has a great formal complexity and presents baroque and decorative images. Seductive paintings that enhance the impression of artifice. Examples of these procedures are their latest works, starting from illustrations taken from an old encyclopedia. Firstly these images are isolated and then combined and overlapped until forming a new being, saturated and full of febrile forms and meanings, connotations and suggestions.

We interviewed Elena Fernández Prada during the production of her work titled “La caza”. A series of prints made using dry point technique, where we can find the codes and obsessions that prevail in most of her creations. Her capacity to reinterpret aspects of popular and artistic culture is remarkable, combining delicacy and character. Exclusive video for Mambo Gallery.

Painting by Elena Fernández Prada from the Velos series. Made with acrylics on paper in 2016.