Tayone is a visual creator who has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo. He currently resides in Barcelona where he develops his work, mainly around painting, illustration, sculpture and murals.
Vocational outsider, his work refers to the boundaries between humans and their context, the marginal and the integrated, mainstream and popular culture, and the emergency and responsibility.
His work has been seen in collective expos like Se vende oro in El Halcón Milenario, Urbanitas and El Boceto del Mundo at MARCO, Isto é agora in Normal, U talking to m3 in Galería Monty 4 and in other spaces as Verbum, Fundación Luis Seoane, Museo ABC de ilustración, Tabacalera, Maus Habitos, CLAM o Workshop 44, Tres Tristes Tetris Espazo Miramemira and Tropicosmos in Fatbottom Books.
He has self-released some publications like Stardust, This is the new That or the collective fanzine Random Screener and has participated in other publishing projects like Get Freaky, Mandingo or Eurotopia.