Beatriz Lobo

Like a rat I want to be beautiful.
From the tigress of orient to Guy Debord there is a long way.
A few editions of Big Brother, and a generation that is insensitive to the cultural ridiculous.
When we say that truth is stranger than fiction it is necessary to be fixed in time and repeat it slowly. If despite everything we still have interest in approving such a painful statement , we can only resort to the black humor or total rethinking of the traditional scale of values.
I embrace trash culture . It is a wooden mast; Rust emerged from a sunken ship.
We are careful to give it the attention it deserves, it is our reflection .
I was born in this broth and adapting has been natural.
My work is a son of the Secondary studies and a political debate in the Ana Rosa´s talk show. All is lost , I can just blithely interpret this failure. In my paintings I mix oil series 4 with pieces of a Chinese bazaar and the word outsider is a sensitive issue.